OVERMAN is a software development team offering both service-based (SaaS) and full-package solutions.

About Us

We focus on Esports data analytics, gamestate overlays, graphical work, websites, and all manners of specialty software. We're a small, dedicated team of code ninjas and design gurus.

Data Analysis

Data is everywhere, especially in Esports. What can you do with it and what is it worth? Let us help you solve these questions! Whether you need ways to capture data, interpret it, or even just ways to display it. Our team can help you intelligently use, present, or sell your data.

Gamestate Overlays

Complete custom overlays for CS:GO, themed for the needs of your event. Overlays include: all default game information, complete player stats, complete radar information (bomb, nades, players), and any custom needs for your event. All overlays are delivered as a service.


[email protected] @OvermanDev